Cold light fibre optic cables | Light Guide Cables

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Examples of possible colour variants

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Customized solution

Cold light with coloured fitting light conductor

Cold light fibre optic cables | Light Guide Cables

As a manufacturer of cold light fibre optic cables, Fibertec has a very specific aim:

To provide high-quality and individual products at an attractive price for discerning customers.

The advantages of FIBERTEC fibre optic cables | Light Guide Cables satisfy the need for simple and universal endoscopic applications.

Glued and fused fibre optic cables, also with glass rods, can be adapted to suit a wide range of endoscopic lenses and light sources on both the instrument and equipment sides with simple screw-connected FIBERTEC adapters.

The standard lengths 1,800 mm, 2,300 mm and 3,000 mm are available in the laser bundle diameters 3.5 mm and 4.8 mm; in addition we also supply light guides with variable lengths of up to 5,000 mm upon request.

If required by our customers, we also supply the light guides with coloured jacketing and handles, which can be individually laser-printed if required.

The use of the highest-quality fibre glass with the best possible transmission values in the visible spectral range ensures maximum light intensity, which is particularly noticeable when using endoscopic lenses for illuminating the area of observation.

These fragile glass fibres are protected with tough, highly flexible silicone jacketing, which has excellent bending properties.

The light guides are torsion resistant, resistant to lateral pressure, and can be used for temperature ranges of up to +350 °C, whereby it must be noted that glued cables can only be used for halogen light sources, glass rod light guides and fused light guides for XENON light sources.

The silk braiding, which is firmly attached to the silicone, and the aluminium spiral inside the jacketing guarantee optimum traction and pressure relief on the glass fibres while ensuring the greatest possible flexibility.

All versions are completely autoclavable and are equipped with overvoltage protection of 5,000 volts. The FIBERTEC light guide is also extremely light.

The FIBERTEC light guide does full justice to all requirements in medical applications, as only the highest-quality materials are used.

Simply contact us should you have any special requirements.

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