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Medical cold light cable & adapter

Fibertec cold-light cable

If you are looking for a partner for the production of medical cold light cables, FIBERTEC Faseroptik GmbH is the right choice.

In over 25 years we have built up extensive knowledge and in-depth expertise, gained valuable experience and continuously developed. We offer our customers an extensive product range of cold light cables with accessories as well as innovative
solutions according to your individual requirements.

With the application of FIBERTEC cold light cables, the desire for the simplest and most universal application in endoscopy can be realized.

We manufacture three different cold light cable designs for various applications.

  • Cold light fibre optic cable standard [Light Guide Cables]
  • Cold light fibre optic cable with glass rod [Light Guide Cables]
  • Cold light fibre optic cable fused [Light Guide Cables]

The cold light cables are fused, glued or glass rod version on the light source side, available in active Ø of 3.5 mm and 4.8 mm and in standard lengths of 1800 mm, 2300 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm and special lengths up to 5000 mm.

With this selection, we cover the entire spectrum of medical cold light cables for endoscopy, laparoscopy as well as gynecology.

This allows you as a user to decide individually which product suits your specific requirements and light sources.

Highest quality glass fibers

The use of high-quality glass fibers with the very best transmission properties ensures maximum light intensity, which is particularly noticeable in the illumination of the field of view when used with endoscope optics.

The glass fibers, which are inherently fragile, are guided in a robust, highly flexible, transverse pressure-resistant silicone tube that exhibits very good bending behavior.

The silk braiding incorporated in the silicone hose and the aluminum flat helix inside the hose guarantee optimum tension and pressure relief for the glass fibers. Due to the high-quality construction and the bending radius limitation, there is no need for an internal kink protection..

Light source and instrument adapter

Fused, bonded and glass rod cold light cables can be adapted to a wide variety of light sources and endoscope optics by simply screwing on light source and instrument adapters.

A wide range of adapters is available to ensure safe adaptation of the cold light cables to the light source as well as to a wide variety of optics.

Cold light cable & adapter

Light guide cable special designs

If you are looking for a fiber optic cable for a special application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will check the technical feasibility and provide you with an offer for the desired purchase quantity.

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Leaflet cold light cable

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Cold light fibre optic cable standard

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Cold light fibre optic cable with glass rod

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Cold light fibre optic cable fused

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Adapters program

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