Light line converters

also called line lights or line lighting, are of modular segment design and manufactured up to a width of one meter.

Light line converters produce a homogenous, shadow-free and highly intensive line light which is especially suitable for the use of line scan cameras (CCD or CMOS) for image processing.

With the use of cylindrical lenses a very high intensity light line can be produced which is customised to suit your individual lighting requirements.

The applications range from industrial technology, medical technology and sensor systems.

Different types of light guide fibres are used depending on the application:

querschnittwandler_04.jpg querschnittwandler_02.jpg
Light line converters Light line converters
querschnittwandler_01.jpg querschnittwandler_03.jpg
Light line converters Light line converters
Light line converters  

We manufacture optical fibre components (light line converters, ring converters etc.) which are customised to suit your requirements and wishes, fast and reliably, also in small series.

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